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Ensure child-safe window treatments are installed in your home by choosing Best for Kids options.

They can’t help it. Little feet love to wander and little hands love to explore. Our favorite little ones are naturally curious about the world around them. While many of us work tirelessly to ensure those exploring hands don’t get caught up in any dangerous household products or situations, we often overlook our window coverings. Optimize your home with child-safe window treatments to prevent accidents.

Corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes.

Small children and pets can entangle themselves in these cords creating potential strangulation hazards. If that wasn’t enough to worry about, 48.8 percent of window treatment related injuries among US children are identified as “struck by.” Meaning they’ve otherwise entangled or injured themselves from falling treatments or parts. We don’t mean to scare you with this information, but it is important to know the hazards to prevent accidents. When it comes to kids your window treatments shouldn’t be a worry, and with a few simple precautions, they don’t have to be.

A vast majority of window covering products in the U.S. are cordless or have inaccessible cords thanks to a new safety standard that went into effect in December of 2018. The safety standard requires all stock products sold in stores and online, accounting for more than 80 percent of window covering products sold, to be optimized for child safety with no cords. There are still corded treatments available in the custom window treatment sector. But don’t let this scare you away from getting quality, custom décor for your home.

This Certified Best for Kids logo indicates child-safe window treatments.

While many of Lafayette Interior Fashions window treatments are inherently child-safe we have also optimized many of our products to be Certified Best for Kids. Certain custom products still could pose potential threats so it is important to consider this when purchasing new custom treatments and let your dealer know you have kids at home. But it is super easy to identify which options are safest, by looking for this logo.

Certified Best for Kids is a logo representing a product’s tested safety for young children so you can easily identify safe options. We send our products to a third-party testing facility to ensure they measure up and are made with no accessible operating cords, preventing the creation of hazardous loops or potential wrap-around hazards.

Reasons to go custom:

So if you can get child-safe window treatments at most big box stores, why consider custom? It might just feel like a few more hoops to jump through to finish your home but it is the best way to get personalized window treatments with high-quality lifting systems, that are optimized for your life. There are many child-safe lifting system solutions available across a variety of window treatment lines so you can get something that will keep your kids safe, function for your lifestyle, and last for years to come.

You probably spent hours picking out the perfect rocker, bedding, rugs, accessories and more for your new baby’s nursery or child’s playroom. Why settle for child-safe window treatments that may not match all of the hard work you’ve put in when you could get unique, custom-crafted treatments that match the dream rooms you envisioned. With little ones on the way or already running around, make your life easier and leave the tricky stuff like measuring and installing to a professional to get easy, worry-free blinds, shades, shutters or draperies.

child-safe bathroom window treatments
Don’t forget to optimize room in your home that are often overlooked like bathrooms and offices.

What options are safe for kids?

There are plenty of cordless alternatives so we will walk you through a few favorites that offer both child safety, and custom-crafted style and efficiency.
When it comes to child-safe window treatments and lifting systems the best thing to keep in mind is to look for completely cordless systems, hidden cord systems, adjustment wands, base handle lifting, and motorized options. Ensure any cords that are apart of the window covering system are internal and inaccessible.

Some child-safe window treatments are cordless by design such as drapery panels, shutters, roller shades, or sheer shadings you can find these in products like our Interior Masterpiece, Parke, Genesis, or Tenera products. We have a variety of lifting systems to choose from across the board in our product lines so shop around and discover what works best for you.

Lafayette Best for Kids Lifting Systems


A simple touch with your hand is all you need to raise and lower your shades.

Currently available in:

Lift & Lock

Raise and lower the treatment with the press of a button, and slight push or pull up and down. They will lock in place until you push the button and re-set.

  • lift and lock child-safe lifting systems for window treatments
  • lift and lock child-safe lifting systems for window treatments
  • lift and lock child-safe lifting systems for window treatments

Currently available in:

  • Classic Collection™ Aluminum Blinds
  • Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds
  • Fidelis® Composite Wood Blinds
  • Parasol® Cellular Shades

CareRING Cordless

All our Roman Shades come standard with the TLC cord sleeve, with CareRING Cordless Control for extra safety. This system eliminates dangling lift cords and is simple to operate. Simply reach for the hidden ring on the back of the bottom hem of the shade–minimal effort and easy function. Available in our Roman Shade products including Soft Fashions treatments, Genesis® Collection, and Manh Truc® Collection.

Motorized Choices

Lafayette offers a variety of child-safe window treatments with motorized systems available in Best for Kids options like Allure® Transitional Shades, Genesis® Roller Shades, and Parasol® Cellular Shades. In addition, we have child-safe optimized systems in other treatments that have not yet received Certified Best for Kids ratings. Our efforts are continuous to provide the safest choices for your family. We send new items to be tested and add them to our Best for Kids list as they get approved.

Simplifying your life with motorized shades that have been tested for child safety is an easy choice. For example, check out this nursery decked out in motorized treatments. The total room darkening abilities, and easy push of a button movement means your hands are free for more important things. This room was made even more special with decorative accents in the top treatments and pillows from Lafayette.

We have motorization available in several product lines, and Best for Kids Motorization options in:

  • Tenera® Sheer Shadings
  • Genesis® Roller Shades
  • Allure® Transitional Shades
  • Parasol® Cellular Shades

Double Whammy

Kid-safe shades can be parent-friendly too! Pick an option that is room darkening or with blackout features, and help get the kids to sleep easier in a dark room perfect for early bedtimes and nap times.

Popular Kid-Safe Styles

Cellular Shades

One of the top safety picks for kids is Cellular Shades. With fun color options available, room darkening options and energy efficiency insulating features to boot, Cellular Shades are a great child-safe choice.

  • child-safe window treatments cellular shades
  • child-safe window treatments cellular shades
  • Parasol Cellular Shade - Lafayette and Home blog by Lafayette Interior Fashions
  • child-safe window treatments cellular shades
  • child-safe window treatments cellular shades

Soft Fashion Roman Shades

Another great way to personalize your child’s room with a safe window treatment option is with soft fashions fabric shades. When working through a Lafayette dealer, you can browse our vast selection of fabrics and pick a style coordinating with your room design. A simple room darkening liner can make the shade optimized for bedtime as well. Check out some fabrics we think would make great additions to a child-friendly area.

Woven Wood Shades

Along the same lines in function, Woven Wood Roman shades can add organic textures to a kid’s room and pair well with fun bedding or accent drapery. Available in November, our newest additions to the Manh Truc® Woven Woods Collection offer unique materials with even more color and texture options. Manh Truc Fabric Akela has colorful additions of Beach Blush and Seaglass. There are even some with glittery accents available in our Karina and Naoki selection. Check out all the options with your local dealer. Above all our roman shades are manufactured with a CareRING™ lifting system so you know you’re installing a safe choice.

New child-safe window treatments are the number one way to prevent accidents from window treatments. In the meantime implement child-safety precautions immediately with the following tips in mind:

• Position cribs, beds, and playpens away from windows with treatments or exposed cords.
• Check your current windows for exposed cords, and ensure they are out of reach. Use a retrofit kit to anchor any coverings with cords properly to a wall or window frame.
• Inspect other areas where your children live and play. This means checking out Grandma’s house, school, daycare, camps and more. The child-safe window treatment initiative is still relatively new therefore it may take some time for all children-centric locations to resolve potential hazards.
• Avoid installing DIY curtains that use tension rods. These kinds of window coverings may be easy, fast and inexpensive, but they can easily be pulled down or off the window frame.

We hope this article helped break down any confusion you might have over what treatments are right for your family. In conclusion, there are plenty of options to fit an array of needs, so don’t feel limited in choosing the first kid-safe window treatment you see at the store. Custom, quality treatments are available that will last in your home for years and keep your family safe.

Find a local Lafayette Dealer to browse our selection of products and get easy measuring, selection, and installation from a trusted professional. We love to hear from you! Feel free to comment, share or contact us at lifblog@lafvb.com.

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