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Have you considered child safety while thinking of window treatments? If not, we understand. We know it’s your first priority, but child and pet safety is often the last thing people think about when choosing window coverings. However, it is an important factor to consider.

Did you know that the most common window products in homes are not child safe? Those horizontal blinds that were there when you moved in are a potential strangulation hazard for your little ones. Studies show they are actually the biggest culprit in accidents with window treatments.

For kids’ sake, we offer a wide array of lifting system options, from cordless and motorized operating systems to retractable lift cords, cord tensioners, and wand controls for enhanced child and pet safety. We also send our products to be tested and certified as Best for Kids™.


The Best for Kids™ certification label by the WCMA makes it easy for parents and caregivers to identify products that are best suited for their home. A third party laboratory tests each product we send against strict criteria. Our successfully certified products either have:

  • no operating cords,
  • inner cords that are not accessible, or
  • cords that cannot create a hazardous loop or potential wrap-around hazard.

Find the full list of our products that are certified Best for Kids™ at our main siteWe are not stopping there! We still send products to be tested, so be sure to check that page for updates.


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There’s a child safe window covering for every style and need! See more at our site here or explore our hashtag, #4kidssake on Facebook and Instagram to see more child safe products in action.


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