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Genesis 101: What You Need to Know

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Window shades have come a long way from grandma’s roller shade! Today, operating systems offer flexible lifting options and motorization technologies offer optimal functionality, for day-to-day usage or hard to reach places. With an array of opacities available, personalized light control options are expansive, and the variety of styles available offer unique design options for any room.

You’ll find all of this and more in our Genesis Collection. 

So let’s dive in and see what Genesis has to offer.


Our Panel Track system is a modern alternative to vertical blinds and features wide fabric panels. Use a cord or wand control to slide from side-to-side as a perfect solution for patio doors, large windows, or room dividers.

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Slide the panel track here to get an idea of how it works!

Panel Track Systems now come with the option of an enhanced look with an Artisan Valance available in one of four colors: white, black, satin nickel, and pewter. 


To ensure safety for your children (and pets), we encourage you to install only cordless window coverings in rooms where young children play, sleep and live!

Check out all the things you need to know about safe window treatments in our blog on Child Safety.Genesis 101: What You Need to Know - Lafayette and Home blog by Lafayette Interior Fashions

Child safety is our top priority so we offer Certified Best for Kids options. Our Accu-Rise® Cordless is a Child Safe Certified lifting option for our Genesis Roller Shades. Our Sure-Lift™ retractable pull cord system is another child-safe option for Genesis Roller Shades. It is also available in upgraded style options for a more decorative look.

We created the TLC™ child safe cord sleeve system as the standard for all our roman shades. Our CareRING™ Cordless lift system for Genesis Roman Shades is recommended as another option to avoid hazardous dangling cords and is Certified Best for Kids.

To read more about our child safe products, visit our Child Safety page on our main site.


Genesis offers fabrics with opacities ranging from sheer to room darkening. Light can dramatically change the appearance of an opacity’s color, so it is always best to view a swatch at different times of day for true color comparison.

Genesis 101: What You Need to Know - Lafayette and Home blog by Lafayette Interior Fashions

The amount and quality of light entering a room affect the atmosphere and functionality. 

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Screen shades address the quality of light control and privacy in a slightly different manner. In screen fabrics, the view-through and light control are a function of the density of the weave. The openness and color of the weave then combine to transform light control, privacy, glare resistance, and visibility. Select Season-Vue Solar Screen Shade materials resist moisture, control damaging UV rays and maintain a beautiful view. Not to mention they are certified for their energy efficiency, air quality safety, and use of recycled materials.

View the screen shades swatches in our Materials Library online. On the left-hand drop-down menu, choose “Shades” under Product Type, “Genesis Shades” under Product Name, then filter it further by choosing “Screens” or “Season-Vue” under Type.


Mermet’s E Screen and T Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology incorporates both superior heat and glare control properties into dark screen fabrics. This breakthrough fabric offers many benefits including:

  • lower cooling costs,
  • superior view-through,
  • glare control,
  • more comfortable environments, and
  • better aesthetics.

Genesis 101: What You Need to Know - Lafayette and Home blog by Lafayette Interior Fashions

This feature keeps many Genesis fabrics resistant to the elements, making them an ideal fit for outdoor rooms, lanais, and screened in porches.

View these swatches in our Materials Library online. Choose “Shades” under Product Type then filter the results by choosing “Screens”.


Our digital product portfolio gives you all these details and more plus you can see every swatch. View the full Genesis book here and see our library of Digital Product Portfolios on our website.

Flip through to see swatch pages easily and explore your options.

When you need to see more, your local Lafayette Dealer can help you lock down a fresh look. 


New to Genesis, is our Artist Portfolio Collection designed exclusively for us. The collection features unique, fresh patterns printed right on the shade.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a Material TypeLight Filtering, Screen, or Room Darkening

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2. Pick a Pattern

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3. Choose a Color Scheme

View these swatches in all of their colorways in our Materials Library online. Choose “Shades” under Product Type then filter the results by choosing “Genesis Shades” under Product Name, and “Lafayette Exclusive” under Type.


With all the options available, you can find just the right match and design for your style and needs with custom valance options, hem styles, trims and wood colors. 

Decorative Complements on Genesis Shades


It is easy to pair Genesis Roller or Roman Shades with Custom Soft Fashion Draperies or Valances to add unique flair to a clean, functional window shade look.

Genesis Shades with Interior Masterpieces Draperies

Genesis Roller Shade and Soft Fashions Draperies


The Genesis collection is designed and crafted to the highest quality standards in West Lafayette, Indiana by Lafayette Interior Fashions – a family owned and operated manufacturer of custom window fashions for over 60 years.

To learn more about these products and find your local Lafayette dealer, visit our website.


Genesis 101: What You Need to Know - Lafayette and Home blog by Lafayette Interior Fashions

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  1. Hello, just installed Genrsis roll shade that is great, my question is how to install the plastic handle that fits some how on the bottom of the shade. Please sent or tell me how to installed the handle. Thank You!

  2. My shade (Genesis) is stuck downand the remote shows 18 in the channel window. How do I change it so it will open again?

  3. I really appreciate your work genesis shades especially the research part of it which made the whole point very easy to understand.Please keep us up to date like this.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can you provide installation instructions for the genesis bottom up roller shade? I would like to order a couple for a client but want to be sure that installation will be possible

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. You can find installation instructions for top down/ bottom roller shades in our installation instructions PDF on our website here: The link is located on our main website,; if you navigate to Products>>Roller Roman Shades>>Installation Instructions. You can quick find (ctrl+F) and search bottom up to find the specific notes on top down/ bottom up shades. If you have further questions your Territory Manager should be able to assist you the best. Hope that helps!

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