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6 Interior Design Tips That Will Stand the Test of Time

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Trends come and go but these six timeless interior fashion ideas might just hold up.

Take a look around designs in your home. Maybe the chevron look you had to have a few years ago has passed its prime. Or your millennial pink living room has become an eyesore. Perhaps your rose-gold bedroom with all-grey everything else has lost its charm? Can we avoid floundering interior design regrets before we make them? And stay up-to-date and on trend? Let’s scroll together and take in some tips on iconic classic looks and some rising new trends that might just stand the test of time (or at least the next decade), and pair with new looks in the future.

What’s trendier then keeping up with the trends

Tip #1: Choose eco-friendly, sustainable options.

Nowadays long-term sustainable looks are in and fast fashion is out. Looking for quality, unique products with a long shelf-life might not be everyone’s first thought when they decide to re-do a room. But it’s a winning concept to save money long term and build lasting styles. Think about this tip when considering design choices such as solid hardwood furniture versus composite wood materials, solid granite or marble countertops versus laminate, a few antiques versus a cheap knock off, or even energy efficient window treatments. Make the right choice and spend money on visually flexible interior pieces versus spending money on big-ticket trendy items. 

Genesis Open Roll Roller Shades
Wood floors, a natural stone island, and clean, functional Genesis Shades, will provide foundation and stability as the room is updated.

If you are willing to churn out some minor TLC for such pieces over the years, they will become quality investments and aid in building home décor updates in the future. Think about it.

It’s easier to craft a new look around a vintage coffee and end table set than it is to pivot around a futon, a shag rug or an accent wall decked out in palm tree leaves. It’s easier to update your kitchen look with new cabinet finishes surrounding a beautiful neutral marble top island. A long-term shaded window look can stay put while drapes or valances are swapped out to engage a new print. Focus on key focal points that will endure, and give stability and longevity to any room’s design. 

Tip #2: Choose classic patterns that are flexible.


Whether you know it or not you know what Quatrefoil is. It’s that almost geometric, but not ridged print that provides an addition of a pattern with a clean look, that can be paired in endless ways. Its circles, its squares, maybe diamonds? Its repetitive and peaceful and doesn’t give an overly modern or antique look, despite its big history. Do you see it yet? Oh okay, we’ll help you out.

Lafayette Interior Fashions Interior Masterpieces quatrefoil pattern.
Quatrefoil forms the pattern of four overlapping circles of the same size, so there can be variations to the pattern.
Above: Kimo, Ming #7B8-508
Lafayette Interior Fashions Interior Masterpieces quatrefoil pattern.
Quatrefoil has historical meanings of good luck, harmony, and even various religious connotations having been heavily used in church architecture. To us, all this history just means lasting diversity for your designs!
Above: Prim, Summer #7J5-827

A bright poppy version can add modern flair or a muted tone can act as a neutral. It can be paired with wood tones or mixed metals, as an accent pattern or a statement piece with other patterns. It’s been around a long time, with good reason. You can use this print in a variety of aesthetics, for a traditional, farmhouse, industrial, modern look. The options are endless. Use it in draperies, roman roller shades, area rugs, on throw pillows, wallpaper, or furniture accents. Check out a few ways we found quatrefoil in some LIF Dealers’ posts on Instagram.


Much like Quatrefoil, an iconic stripe pattern is a sneak attack way to add a pattern that can be molded into whatever look you want. If you’re interested in a window treatment, new living room upholstery, or a headboard and aren’t sure what to do, a stripe is a safe move. Just shy away from garish color combos and keep it simple. The classic look of a subtle stripe print will last when paired with trends to come.

Genesis Panel Track Shades pair with a coral floral valance and striped dining room chairs.
Stripe-backed chairs pair well with a floral valance sharing a coral accent color, above Genesis Panel Track Shades.


Mixed metal accents ground a room with taupe colorings and Tenera Sheer Shadings.
Different metal accents ground the room and carry the eye in a room decked out in Tenera Continuum Sheer Shadings.

While decking your whole house out in one metal finish, such as brass, might be overkill and the look might fade over the years, mixing metals in accent pieces can function in and out of designs. Think of an end table, a gilded mirror, a set of vases, or a bookshelf. Don’t feel limited to one finish. Mixing and matching metal shades isn’t just okay now, it is encouraged, and helpful as you incorporate new looks in the future.

Mixed Metal Accents ground a room with a neutral palette featuring Tenera Sheer Shadings.
Metal tables pair with a neutral palette and Tenera Continuum Sheer Shadings.


If you read our blog on the new color of the year, you’ll know it’s Living Coral. You might also know Ultra Violet was the color of the year in 2018. Though cool grays and muted, minimalistic color schemes gained popularity the past decade, the new look is color. 

Bright hues reflected in this room and its Parasol Cellular Shades create a useful, engaging space.

Warm palettes with bright hues will rejuvenate your home. This concept aims to incorporate your instinctive tastes and bring happiness and light to your home. Implement this concept and your rooms will inspire and speak to your vivacious life. Much like you would use neutrals, large swatches of bold navy, emerald green, bright coral or dreamy violet will anchor designs. Adding these additions through velvets, velours or other dense, luscious fabrics that enhance the hue, in window fashions, upholstery or rugs, are a couple of ideas if you’re into this new classic. 


“The hearth is the psychological center of the home.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Even if the mid-century modern look Wright helped to spearhead isn’t your thing, a notion that a fireplace can anchor a room is a promising concept. A fireplace provides a perfect canvas to pivot design looks around, and it tends to draw people together.

Whether its brick, marbled, mantled or mantle-less, can actually burn a fire or is a decorative centerpiece, it’s a malleable mainstay for your design choices. Brick can become exposed or painted. Materials at the base can be switched out easily. Shelves and accents at the top can be added or discarded to direct the eye movement in a room. The room for variation provide endless options.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have a hearth in your home, don’t shy away from using it as a natural focal point as you update rooms to fit the newest trends you have to have.


Engagement with biophilic design will enhance any room design in look and atmosphere. Incorporating live greenery and emphasizing natural environments creates connection with a space, and provides stress-relieving qualities.

Much like the bright color tip from above, the point of biophilic design is to enhance and mold your surroundings to best suit the use of a area.

Along with plant life, setting the scene with natural light can enhance a room’s biophilic design. With smart home window treatment choices readily available, you can pre-set shades or blinds to the moods you want to create for each time of day, so you don’t have to think twice about it in the future. A tip to stand the test of time, and save you some.


So, you still really want to gut your kitchen for a total farmhouse look? Or go mid-century full mid-century modern in your bedroom? Or order the palm-leaf wallpaper for a bathroom? 

Well, go ahead. We are here to help you live out your interior design dreams. But hopefully, you’ve picked up on some design choice mainstays that will make your overhaul a little easier. Even “classic” looks come and go, but quality pieces that function in use, as well as aesthetic, will be the design choices you continue to love as time marches on.

As always, our Lafayette Interior Fashions Dealers are here to help you take the next step to get your dream window treatments.

What did you think of these tips? Let us know in the comments or email us at with questions, comments, or ideas for the next blog topic.

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