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Make the Smart Move with Motorized Window Treatments

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If you’re thinking about updating your home with Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds or Parasol® Cellular Shades, it’s a great time to add on motorization operating systems with our Smart Move Savings Event!

Smart Move Motorization Savings Event with Lafayette Interior Fashions

For a limited time, you can save up to 50% on Auto-Tilt™ motorization upgrades for Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds and Auto-Lift® for Parasol® Cellular Shades when working through a Lafayette Advantage Retailer.

  • Auto-Lift Motorized Cellular Shades
  • Auto-Lift Motorized Cellular Shades

It is easy to seamlessly integrate smart home technologies into your life, even when it comes to your window treatments. Often thought to be reserved for hard to reach spots like shaded skylights, automatic lifting and tilting technologies can make setting all of the blinds and shades in your home easier. With a push of a button on a remote, voice activation, or a tap in an app on your phone or tablet device you can open and close your treatments to your liking. With Somfy motorized systems, you can even create schedules that will automatically set based on your preferences.

Somy myLink App Sets Motorization Schedules

This is super helpful if you go out of town and want to make sure your home appears occupied. Or you can set your shades around your sleep schedules; sleep in late, put the kids to bed when the sun is still shining, or set the blinds as a wake up call.

Here’s a sneak peek of how you can set scenes for your motorized window treatments with the Somfy myLink™ app:

Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds with Auto-Tilt™

Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds are a classic look that add charm and style to your home with superb function especially if you choose Lafayette Exclusive updated features like the Light-Ban® and EZE-Clean®. Light-Ban® eliminates light leaks through rout holes when the slats are closed and EZE-Clean® provides optimal ease of access, with easily removable slats for cleaning.

  • Heartland Woods Custom Wood Blinds with Auto-Tilt
  • Heartland Woods Custom Wood Blinds with Auto-Tilt

Parasol ® Cellular Shades with Auto-Lift®

If you’re considering Parasol® Cellular Shades and want to upgrade to an Auto-Lift® lifting system, you’ll find ease of access at the touch of a button. Battery-Powered controls combine infrared and radio frequency technology for ultimate functionality. Plus, if you’ve checked out our blog post on window treatments for kids in the summer, you’ll know Parasol® Cellular Shades are perfect for families as they are rated Best for Kids.

Auto-Lift® is a simple motorization upgrade to add to your home.

With this limited time savings event, there is no reason not to go the extra mile and upgrade to motorized treatments. Improve your home’s smart device compatibility, increase your resale value, lower your heating and cooling costs, or just to make your life easier with window treatment motorization technologies. Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by updating your home with motorization or smart home compatible operating systems, a Lafayette Dealer can explain all of the details and make your shopping experience, purchase and installation a breeze!

Find your local Lafayette Advantage participating dealer to get your savings now through September 13.

4 thoughts on “Make the Smart Move with Motorized Window Treatments”

  1. You made a good point that motorized treatments like smart home capable products can make life a lot easier. I’ve been wanting a motorized shades installation done so I don’t have to maneuver any clunky blinds again. Maybe I should get in touch with a professional to see if they can incorporate it into my Alexa so she can help with the blinds too!

    1. Working with a professional to coordinate your window treatments into your smart home is definitely a good idea. Why struggle with it yourself. Many of our Lafayette dealers could put you in touch with the right people if they don’t have the intel themselves.

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