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2020 Interior Design Trends: Bedrooms

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Let’s face it; modern-day life is increasingly chaotic. We are constantly tuned into our devices and rarely get time to unplug and unwind. With all of this digital commotion, home design trends are moving towards concepts that can help make the most of the little time you have to relax. The perfect place to start? The place you spend a third of your life sleeping, the bedroom. Try out these trends when considering a bedroom design update.

1. Customized Bedding

The days of heading to a big-box store and picking up the latest bed in a bag are behind us. Sure, you can still do it, and it’s easy and quick, but will it perfectly reflect your style and create an ideal sanctuary? Likely, no. Worth it for the long-lasting quality, look and feel–custom bedding is a luxury you deserve.

Custom bedding also allows for seamless room design and personalized style. Build a bed set to fit your aesthetics by mixing and matching shams, coverlets, comforters, headboards and bed skirts with a palette of textiles you can hand-select. If not opting for custom bedding, shop around and layer unique pieces to create a space that speaks to your style and incorporates the room’s color palette in fresh, unexpected ways. Plus, casting aside fast fashion for quality, sustainable pieces that will last creates less waste and spending in the long-run.

  • Create your perfect Bedroom Design with custom bedding
  • Create your perfect Bedroom Design with custom bedding
  • Create your perfect Bedroom Design with custom bedding

2. Bold Patterns and Colors

We all want our bedroom to be a relaxing space for unwinding, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a bold statement at the same time. Instead of sterile bedding in neutrals, greys, and whites, patterned bedding is the new trend for inspired bedroom design and a perfect night’s sleep. Bright, big, intricate patterns and vivacious colors as the new neutrals are on the menu for 2020.

If you still love the ease and minimalism of all-white or solid bedding, you don’t have to give it up. Keep your sheets neutral and integrate the trend in manageable bites with a patterned coverlet or colorful throw pillows. Another fun option is to add color and pattern into the room with a headboard or in a statement bed skirt. Adding drama to these pieces that normally float in the background will create a visually dynamic room you can sit back and enjoy.

The Lafayette Interior Masterpieces collection has a variety of base bedding styles. Simply select a style and browse the Materials Library for the perfect fabric. Bring your ideas to a Lafayette dealer to purchase personalized and customized bedding solutions.

3. Add Depth, Texture and Layers

Want more layering and depth in your design? Consider a canopy bed. Much like any other design trends in 2020, this bedroom trend falls in line with the “more is better” mentality. Whether the canopy frame features cascading fabric or is a standalone statement to add height and grandeur to the room, this statement piece will add the look of luxury to a bedroom.

Check out this transformation taking an outdated bedroom with a high post bed design to a modern style featuring an open canopy bed as seen below.

Another decorative option? Patterned wallpaper. Rather than incorporating a pattern in one statement wall, going all in and opting for full room coverage will be seen a lot more this year, though its not for the faint of heart.

4. Nature Inspired Minimalism

Good news if the maximalist, over the top, layering of patterns isn’t your thing. On the opposite end of the 2020 bedroom trends, is minimalist bedroom design. Keep in mind this isn’t the same stark, monochromatic minimalism we’ve seen before. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean your spaces should look un-lived in; uninspiring rooms are not the goal. Rather than imitating muted, and flat hotel-room like styles to create a peaceful, minimalistic sanctuary, gather inspiration from nature and biophilic design. For subtle but powerful bedroom style, incorporate greenery, natural textures like wood grains and stones, and hushed colors, like Benjamin Moore’s, First Light, a soft pink hue. Use these techniques to create design aspects that emphasize simplicity and control for ultimate form follows function aesthetic.

5. Smart Home Integrated Window Treatments

A trend even utilitarians can get on board with is smart home integrated motorized window treatments. Now more than ever people are opting to integrate their home’s smart skills into their daily schedule with smart thermostats, doorbells, app-connected security cameras, and the likes. These tools help save time by creating more efficient lifestyles. While motorized shades have been around for a while now, it is even easier to integrate them into your smart home with Somfy motorization technology and the compatible myLink app.

Once your shades are installed and programmed, simply set a custom schedule in the myLink app on your smart device. You can set an automatic wake-up call and built-in turndown service with shades that open and close according to your schedule. With voice-activated connectivity, you can even ask Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT to set the shades for you if a mid-day nap is necessary and you’re just too cozy to lift a finger.

What do you think of these 2020 bedroom design trends? What changes are you making to your bedroom style this year? We love to hear from you! Leave a comment or message us at lifblog@lafvb.com or post your bedroom sanctuary styles on Instagram and Facebook and tag us!

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  1. I like the idea of combining minimalist styles with plants and wood grain textures for a more interesting look. My room is currently very bland and basic, and I would like to decorate it a bit more to make it a better place to spend time in. I will start shopping for some new wood furniture during the holiday sales going on this weekend.

  2. Wonderfully written and the pictures are also awesome. Frankly speaking I totally agree with you on Adding Depth, Texture and Layers which will definitely improve the look and feel of your bedroom, but don’t over do it. That will just look pathetic. And I would like to read your new stand alone article about “Nature Inspired Minimalism bedroom design”.

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