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When it comes to custom interior fashion and design, there is a lot to consider. Some people contact a professional immediately knowing what they want, and can have a relatively simple design palette selection process. Other people might not be so sure. What’s new? What’s fresh? But what will make my home look great for years to come? From draperies, fabric shades and custom top treatments like valances and cornices to custom throw pillows, bedding, bench cushions, headboards and more; there’s plenty in your home to coordinate and dress with custom soft fashion style.

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What is a Design Palette and Why do I Need One?

Much like starting any well-planned project, it’s best to begin with an idea of what you want your finished product to look or feel like. In interior design, this often means starting off with a mood board, color scheme, or desired design style. Just like nailing down your perfect paint colors for walls and trim, creating a design palette of your perfect fabrics and materials helps to build a well-thought out harmonious room design.

This year’s 2020 Select Masterpieces® Collection is uniquely put together so that you, your custom window treatment professional, interior designer or the likes can easily pair guaranteed fabulous palettes simply by choosing patterns and colors strategically placed next to each other in each book. But by no means does that limit to you to thinking inside the box. Each fabric sample book works beautifully when mixing and matching throughout the book, but definitely plays well with the other books in the collection. Keep your decision making short, sweet and simple or make a day of mixing and matching to your heart and personal style’s delight.

By the Book but Nothing but Ordinary

Below we will explore some design palettes pulled directly from the books to get you started on what kind of spaces you want to build. Keep an eye out for our next blog looking at palettes created from selections across the six book collection for even more design inspiration to build your look.

Funky but Modern

bright cheerful fabrics, in yellow and pink colors.

These bright and cheerful colors and patterns will energize any room for free thinking and creation while providing a rhythmic, coordinated style. Unique abstract patterns like Mixers, Cherry Vanilla on the far left are forging into the design world making show-stopping statements.

Find these fabrics in the Select Masterpieces® | Double Take fabric book 2200 available to browse online soon.

Neutral but Contemporary

Beige tones in textured leaf and geometric patterns pair together.

Grey on grey on grey may be phasing out but neutrals, beige and taupe especially, are hot. Spruce up otherwise bland color palettes with gorgeous textures, unique patterns, and even hints of metallic glitz like in Leafing Through, Coin (top left) for a chic, sophisticated look.

Find these fabrics paired together in the Select Masterpieces® | Beyond Beige Book 2198.

Whimsical but Classy

Whimsical lilac floral pattern pairs with large cream and ecru striped fabric and deep violets.

This design palette is perfect for a shabby chic or modern farmhouse look. Pops of opulent purple paired with a classic, detailed floral print creates a cozy, room look that is nostalgic but new. Pairing an intricate pattern like Aster, Fresco (top left) with textures or a neutral stripe adds softness, creating peaceful vibes in your space to cherish little moments.

Find these fabrics paired together in the Select Masterpieces® | Double Take, Book 2200.

Earthy but Elegant

Earthy greens pair with a floral print for a traditional look.

Add decadence to a room look with this detailed, almost Baroque print (Caiden, Cream top right) and embroidered masterpiece (Downing, Greenpearl, left). These intricate patterns are grounded in a design palette supported by deep shades of green and hints of warm auburn. For a maximalist style, add more pattern to this palette or integrate solids for a traditional, rich look.

Find these fabrics paired together in the Select Masterpieces® | Blue Fusion, Book 2199.

Peaceful but Eclectic

Water color aqua and black floral scene pairs with blue hues and textures.

Spark quiet reflection and meditative musings with this romantic palette of soothing turquoise. Solidity in the black color accents doesn’t take away from the calming blues. Lismore in Black Ice (bottom right) has metallic embroidery keeping in theme with the soothing meandering of this peaceful palette. Add into a bohemian, modern or nautical room; this calming palette can go with the flow.

Find these fabrics paired together in the Select Masterpieces® | Blue Fusion, Book 2199.

Once you have your design palette established, its all about what you’re going to craft. Goblet pleat drapery accented with swag valances? A functional flat roman fabric shade with matching throw pillows and a structured cornice? Browse style options from Lafayette’s Interior Masterpieces® Collection for inspiration. Select your pieces and transform your fabric selections into the custom crafted creations that will pull your rooms together.

Want to shop these looks? Find a local Lafayette dealer for help.

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