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It’s November already, and we all know how the last two months of the year slide quickly by as we busy ourselves with holiday shopping, family events, cooking and traveling. Before we know it, it will be 2020 and another decade of the millennium will be behind us. The color and design industry knows how fast the end of the year flies by and many have already revealed their 2020 color choices. Take a moment while you can and get up to date on the latest color trends to come.

What sort of hues will the upcoming year bring?

Colors reminiscent of the natural earth and its bountiful views are still taking first place. Whether greens or blues or brilliant, rich hues found in sunsets and the earth’s textures, the trending colors are intended to promote connection with nature, impart self-reflection and help to find inner-peace. Take a peek at some of the 2020 colors of the year and see if you agree.

Sherwin William’s 2020 Color of the Year – Naval

Sherwin Williams went from a midcentury southwestern themed, earthen Cavern Clay in 2019 to a deep blue this year inspired by Art Deco influences. Their color choice, Naval, is intended to be opulent and mysterious while calming and awe-inspiring — like the endless night sky and unknown depths of the ocean.

PPG 2020 Color of the Year – Chinese Porcelain

Similar in color group to Naval, but with a slightly different intention PPG’s 2020 choice is Chinese Porcelain. Intended to offer moments of peace and hopefulness, to connect and unwind in a busy world. It is a serene, floral blue with a violet undertone.

Behr 2020 Color of the Year – Back to Nature

Behr takes a direct approach to the natural look with a bright, but easy green called Back to Nature.

“It perfectly captures the essence of subtle and effortless green that can be found in a wilderness landscape or an indoor garden.”

Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color of the Year – First Light

Reminiscent of the ever-popular Millennium Pink but in a shade more versatile and light is Benjamin Moore’s First Light. For Benjamin Moore, First Light is the new beige-intended to pair well with any palette whether blending in or standing out.

HGTV 2020 Color of the Year by Sherwin Williams – Romance

Another nod towards the pink trend is HGTV’s choice of Romance. With home design palettes featuring stark all-white trends, and grey everywhere phasing out, every color company is looking to engage bright, fresh colors as the new neutrals, and pinks that fall neither in the too peachy pink or too bright red are the sweet spot for multi-faceted design purposes.


Meanwhile, Valspar offers a whole palette of 2020 Colors of the Year. All very muted in brightness but engaging in hues taking from the natural environment.

Pantone, What Will You Bring?

Pantone’s Color of the Years have been somewhat electric in the past few years. Though the 2019 Color of the Year’s intent was to relate and engage viewers to the natural earth via a color found in brilliant sunsets and luscious wildlife scenes, Living Coral is still a vibrant, bright hue that might not work for everyone’s design schemes. Will they stick with another bold, bright color? Browse their past colors and take our poll below to put in your best bet for the ultimate 2020 Color of the Year.

While the many different colors of the year have an impact, Pantone’s always seems to make a lasting splash. Check back in, we’ll update this article as new 2020 color trends come to light.

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UPDATE: Pantone Announces 2020 Color of the Year

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