Keep Bedtime on Track Even When the Sun’s Still Shining

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Long Summer Days Don’t Have to Throw Off Your Little Ones’ Sleep Schedules

The sun might set at 9 pm come summertime, but it doesn’t mean your kid’s bedtime routine has to suffer. A study showcased in Sleep Magazine showed a consistent bedtime routine improved sleep in young children and decreased parent perceived behavioral problems. Now isn’t that a win for everyone! The study also showed the more often a consistent bedtime routine is used, the more effective it is. So, what can you do to help smooth this transition and keep your kids on track? Here are a few tips to maintain a bedtime routine even when long summer daylight hours interfere.

Maintain a Consistent Bedtime

Summer days make everybody want to stay out as long as the sun is up. But young kids tend to get up at the same time every day, no matter what time they go to bed, which can make for cranky afternoons. Simulate the sun setting around the same time every day by using room darkening or blackout window treatment options. That way even if it is light out your children can feel they are winding down with the day.

But just because you need the function of room darkening window treatments, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design and style. With options like our Parasol Cellular Duo-Lucent Shades you can choose your desired light filtering cellular look for day time and still easily transition to a room dimming cellular look as needed. This will come in handy during the day for nap times, and earlier in the summer evenings come bedtime.

Check out some Parasol Cellular Duo-Lucent Shades below:

Parasol Cellular Shades come in a variety of cell sizes, colors, and opacities. We have plenty of neutrals on hand too but here is a selection of kid friendly fun colors.

Another great option for kids’ rooms is Top Down/Bottom Up Shades

This window treatment solution is perfect if you want full unfiltered natural light during the day but room dimming shades at night. Choose a material that filters as much light as you need. Let light in from the top, bottom or both during the day by simply lifting the shades. You’ll still get the room darkening qualities you need at night when they are fully closed. Manh Truc Woven Wood Roman Shades offer this same style option if a natural texture is what you prefer. Check out some styles below:

Transitional shades (or popularly known as zebra shades) in our Allure Collection have fun patterns and room dimming abilities as well. Or for total blackout capabilities, a dual-sided Allure Couplitaire might be the right choice, with a separately operated blackout liner attached on the street side.

If your child’s room is their primary play area, it is important to expose them to natural light during the day to help maintain their circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle. Window treatments that meet all of those needs will come in handy.

Most importantly, all of the window treatments discussed are Certified Best for Kids with no hazardous cords. Many of these treatments are available with automation and motorization options. So don’t have to think twice about closing the shades when you’re busy wrangling the kids to brush their teeth. You can schedule your desired settings in advance, simply push a button or quickly tap in an app for a simple shade adjustment.

Our products motorized with Somfy® technology offer easy smart home integration with the myLink™ app so you can personalize your window treatment settings for your schedule.

Don’t forget the optimal amount of sleep your child needs each night depends on their age. Check out this handy picture from Mental Health America to see what they recommend.

Hours of Sleep For Different Ages

Keep it Cool

It’s hard to get to sleep when it’s scorching hot inside and out. Optimal room temperatures for sleep are between 60 to 67 degrees F according to University of Rochester Medical Center, while other sources say up to 72 degrees. Ultimately it’s up to your family’s comfort.

Keeping the shades drawn on hot summer days can prevent the interior of your home from heating up. For optimal room cooling, a cellular shade is a perfect option. The unique cells trap air in the distinct pockets, acting as an insulator. This helps to keep cool air in your home and hot air out when the shades are drawn, and vice versa in the winter (which is an energy efficient plus for your wallet).

Check out our Parasol Cellular Shades Digital Book below:

On especially hot days a light t-shirt for pajamas, a light blanket, or simply a flat sheet may be all the kiddos need. Heavy bedding, full pajamas, too many pillows or lots of stuffed animals could cause them to overheat and not get a comfortable sleep.

Create a Bedtime Ritual

While bringing up the dreaded N-A-P word or even mentioning bedtime might send your kids running, it doesn’t have to. Making it known that it’s time to wind down, then making the wind-down period an enjoyable experience, can empower your kids to feel a part of the process. Plus, this will subtly send a cue to their brain over time that it’s time for sleep, as indicated in a study by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

“It’s important that parents create a consistent sleep schedule, relaxing bedtime routine and soothing sleep environment to help their child achieve healthy sleep,”

American Academy of Sleep Medicine President Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler.

Set aside time to read some bedtime stories, tuck their favorite toys in with them, or participate in other quiet time activities and wind down routines— even have them lower the shades! Unfortunately, ‘screen time’ quiet time isn’t ideal as the blue light can prevent their brain from winding down. Engaging them in these routines early on will help to build good habits on their own in the future too.

Get inspired by some more kid friendly Lafayette Looks below:

We hope these tips will help in your household and ease the process for quick adjustments when it’s time for back to school. With family at the center our business, we know how important it is to get the little things right to keep your family on the right schedule. Lafayette Interior Fashions has the right choice window treatment solutions for your home. Find a local dealer if you’re interested in updating your window treatments to match your lifestyle.

Did you like these tips? Have you used one of these window treatments in your looks? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below, share on your favorite social site, or e-mail us at

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