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We all love them…but not what they do to our homes. Clawing, scratching, chewing, dander and accidents—pets; cats, dogs, and the likes can be rough on your interior design. Preventing damage in your home from the pets in your life can be simple with a little thinking ahead.

Match your décor to your pets:

While it may seem over-the-top to plan your interior design around the pets in your home, if you have a feline or canine who sheds, planning your couches, pillows, blankets, or rugs to pair might save you time and money in the long run.

Do you have a pet with a long dark coat? Perhaps that blush colored bedding isn’t the best idea. Or perhaps your cat is a white ball of fur? Maybe a navy rug isn’t the best option. Shedding may be inevitable but noticing it right away doesn’t have to be with the right design choices. If that’s too much to consider, you can always use throw blankets to your advantage. If pets in your home are laying on your expensive furniture or soft interior fashions use throws that go with your style to cover furniture. They are easy to clean with a quick run in the machine and will help to keep your furniture looking fresh.

When it comes to flooring:

  • An indoor/outdoor rug could save you cleaning time later. Putting a rug meant for the outdoors inside might seem counterintuitive at first. Factor in time and money spent on cleaning after your pets and you might reconsider. Indoor/outdoor rugs are meant to be easily cleaned and can stand up to outdoor weather conditions (or the similar conditions brought on by your pets). These days there are plenty of stylish options and ones that are still comfortable enough to lounge on. If you have accident-prone pets, this might be something to integrate in an area they frequent.
  • Avoid fluffy, high pile rugs. If you are living with long-haired pets, luxurious shag or other high-pile rugs might cause more hassle than enjoyment. Vacuuming out dander and hair will be laborious and cleaning up accidents can be equally as taxing. 
  • Hardwood, tile, or laminate: If you are redoing your home’s floors and have pets in your home, keep them in mind when choosing materials. Hardwood floors can scratch easily in high traffic areas with pets. If choosing this look, opt for harder woods like Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Poplar or Birch. Laminate floors can be a great choice for pets but they don’t hold up to moisture well if your pets are accident-prone. Tile is the best choice for pets, and there is a huge selection of styles and colors to choose from.

Be Wary of These Window Treatments:

Puddled Drapery: If you want your pet to make a nice bed of your draperies, go for a puddled look. Puddled draperies are created by hanging panels with enough length available to settle onto the floor in a “puddle” of sorts creating a luxurious, rich look. This also creates a perfect place for pets to cuddle up, causing wear and tear on the dirt and dander prone bottoms of your drapery. To prevent damages, stick to clean skimming styles or shorter draperies. If you have to have this look, choose fabric that can withstand the damage.

Woven Wood Shades: While we love the look of woven wood, in an area where your pets are hanging out (cats especially) the delicate nature of woven wood might not be the right choice. You may see elegant, natural textures…they may see a perfect scratching post. If this is a look you are truly vying for, make sure they are out of reach of claws or browse our Genesis Roman and Roller Shades Collection. This Collection offers a variety of patterns, even ones resembling the look and feel of woven wood textures.

Window Treatments for the Guard Dog:

There are two options, window treatments that work with your pets’ neurotic tendencies or ones that can prevent them. It is nice that your dog wants to protect you from the FedEx guy, the local girl scout, and your neighbors’ cat, but the neighborhood and your delivery men might not be as appreciative. Choosing blackout blinds or opaque draperies for certain areas could help prevent dogs from seeing outdoor extraneous barking. Even narrow sidelight windows can be treated with a variety of treatments, hard or soft shades, that can block the view, so don’t feel limited.

If your pet is not likely to be muted by eliminating their line of vision, window treatments that work with their watch guard mentality might be the best option. Vertical blinds are easily nudged out of the way by dogs and cats alike. Similarly, if you have a gentle dog that is a quick learner, easy to open shades like Parasol® Accu-Rise Cordless Shades could work. Your dog can open them with a quick nose nudge, but they may easily tear if clawed.

Prevent Hazards, Go Cordless

Much like child safe window treatment concerns, it is best to go cordless when it comes to keeping your pets safe. They just can’t help but want to gnaw, chew or play in dangling cords. What to us are window treatment cords looks like a puzzle to play in for pets. Corded treatments make for potential damage to your treatments and more importantly potential injury to your precious pets. Keep corded treatments way out of reach (cats love to jump) and anchored down with clutches. Even safer options? Go for cordless or Best for Kids motorized solutions for guaranteed safety.

Upholstery, bedding, and other cozy napping spots: 

Whether reupholstering or choosing prefabbed furniture, opt for fabrics that are up to the task of pets. Velvets, chenille, silks, and tweed are all hair magnets to avoid in seating areas. Opting for microfibers, microsuede, denim, canvas, and sturdy synthetics will help in the long run. They are easy to clean with soap and water.

Avoid unzippable furniture if possible. If you have pets in your home and are buying new furniture, check to see if the cushions have removable slipcovers. Easily stripping the cushions will come in handy when they need a wash.

Trash cans with lids are key:

We all like to think our best friends will behave, but sometimes they can’t help but stick their nose into trouble. Prevent messy accidents and future cleanups and choose trash cans with lids in frequently used areas like bathrooms and kitchens. If that’s not possible, opt for under counter and sinks storage, so you can close the cupboard doors on potential messes.

BONUS Holiday Season tips:

  • Fragile Ornaments: We all know cats love to play. Keep fragile and delicate ornaments off the low hanging branches of your Christmas tree or out of windows. Opt for sturdier décor when it is in reach of paws.
  • Tuck Cords: Keep cords and strands of lights out of reach or tucked securely away to prevent fraying wires and electrical accidents.
  • Holiday Plants: Watch out where you place holiday plants that can be poisonous to your furry friends. Holly, poinsettias, mistletoe and more can all be toxic and or make your pets sick. Keep them out of reach if decorating with these festive plants. While especially key around the holidays, it might be a good idea to check all houseplants you have to ensure they are safe for the pets in your home.
  • Watch out for Tinsel: Tinsel if ingested can cause major harm to your pet’s intestinal tract. If using this sparkly stuff in your decor, keep out of reach of pets.

What pet-proofing tips do you swear by? Let us know in the comments or email us at We love to hear from you.

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