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Take the Worry Out of Window Treatments, Choose Best for Kids

They can’t help it. Little feet love to wander and little hands love to explore. It's just in the nature of our favorite little ones to be curious about the world around them. While many of us work tirelessly to ensure those exploring hands don’t get caught up in any dangerous household products or situations, our window coverings are often overlooked.

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4 Design Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

After the function of the room has been handled, it's time for the fun part. This is where your personality comes into play and there are a plethora of design options to express yourself! Window treatments are no longer exempt from design or fashion. From fabric choices to shape and color, there is a lot… Continue reading 4 Design Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

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5 Ways Window Treatments Complete Your Home

Window treatments are a versatile and useful component of interior design. They bring contrast to a neutral space, make a statement, or add a soft touch all while providing the control and privacy you need. Whether your main concern is purely design, light control, or child safety, here are 5 ways window treatments complete your… Continue reading 5 Ways Window Treatments Complete Your Home

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Child Safety and Window Coverings

Have you considered child safety while thinking of window treatments? If not, we understand. We know it's your first priority, but child and pet safety is often the last thing people think about when choosing window coverings. However, it is an important factor to consider. Did you know that the most common window products in… Continue reading Child Safety and Window Coverings