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Hygge in the Home

Will embracing this Danish concept in your home design help you to lead a more meaningful life?

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Manh Truc 101: What You Need to Know

Natural textures created by reeds, grasses, paper and jute make up our Manh Truc Woven Wood Collection. In our collection you will discover an unmatched selection of styles including flat and hobbled shades, panel track, panel drape and stationary grommet panels.

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Keep Bedtime on Track Even When the Sun’s Still Shining

Long Summer Days Don't Have to Throw Off Your Little Ones' Sleep Schedules. These tips can help.

Genesis Traditional Roman Shade with Stationary Arch
Design Trends & Ideas

6 Interior Design Tips That Will Stand the Test of Time

Trends come and go but these six timeless interior fashion ideas might just hold up. Take a look around designs in your home. Maybe the chevron look you had to have a few years ago has passed its prime. Or your millennial pink living room has become an eyesore. Perhaps your rose-gold bedroom with all-grey… Continue reading 6 Interior Design Tips That Will Stand the Test of Time