Heartland Woods® 101: What You Need to Know About Wood Blinds

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Roller and roman shades have taken center stage as the premiere window treatment choice for home design, in tune with modern home design styles and highly functional. Yet the classic wood blind is alive and well with even better options and features. Don’t count this treatment out when thinking of a new addition for your home’s windows. With up-to-date lifting options including motorization and smart home integration capability, as well as added design features, you can be sure to get a window treatment in your home that provides lasting style with modern functionality. Here’s the break-down of all things wood blinds by Lafayette.

Choosing a Slat Size – 1”, 2”, 2.5”

Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds come in 1”, 2” and 2.5” slat styles. Take a look below to compare the looks and discover which slat works best for your ideal coverage. The larger the slat, the larger the open space when blinds are tilted up, which means more visibility. Similarly, the smaller the slat, the more slats needed, the smaller the visibility when tilted open.

  • Wood Blinds come in 1, 2 and 2.5 inch slats
  • Wood Blinds come in 1, 2 and 2.5 inch slats

When a blind is fully drawn open, slats will stack at the base of the headrail. Large slats require fewer for full coverage, so the stack will be smaller. Smaller slats size will require more slats to cover the window, therefore the stack will be larger.

Paint or Stain?

The great thing about wood blinds is the variability and options for color selection. For a natural wood look, a selection of stains is available from light natural notes, Ash, Pecan, and Golden Oak to dark neutrals like Chicory, Roasted Coffee, and Mahogany. For a crisp clean finish, opt for one of our paint colors available in many neutral tones, greys, taupes, white and black for smooth additions to home design. Custom paint and stain color matching via wood color sample submission is possible. Talk to your local Lafayette Dealer about what is right for you.

You can further explore available slat and color options in the Materials Library.

Lifting Options:

Certified Best for Kids

Our Heartland Woods® Collection comes in two Best for Kids™ Lifting systems, not including our motorized systems, that eliminate operating loops in which children or pets could become entangled.

  • Lift & Lock Cordless – A simple push of a button allows for easy raising and lowering of the blind.
  • Accu-Rise® Cordless – A simple push up or grasp and pull sets the blind to your desired position.

Other Operating systems: Standard Cordlock in wand tilt/cord draw and cord tilt/cord draw options. These corded lifting systems are not safe for kids. Installing cord cleats to secure loose operating cords is recommended.

Motorization Option:

Auto-Tilt Motorization option is available through Somfy® Motorization systems. This system is compatible with Somfy®’s myLink app for Smart Home integration and can create scenes and schedules in your preferred system: Alexa®, Google Home®, IFTTT®. Motorization applies to blind tilt open and close only.

Design Options:

Decorative Tapes for Wood Blinds

Choose from one of eighteen decorative tapes to add design elements to your blinds or conceal mechanics. Check out some of the decorative tapes available below. Light-Ban® Design Option is not available with decorative tapes.

Multiple Wood Blinds on One Headrail

Available for large windows. Get a finished look with one headrail across a large window, with two or three blinds that operate individually of each other for added light control and functionality.

Heartland Woods Wood Blinds offer clean lines and impeccable style

Specialty Fixed/Stationary Slat Shapes

Specialty fixed shape blinds for unique windows are can be crafted for your varying needs. Some examples are blind shapes in quadrants, arches, circles, hexagons, angles, and triangles. Available in 2” and 2 ½” Slat size only.

Wood Blinds with EZE- Clean® with Light Ban®

Though there are dusters on the market now that make it easy to clean fussy spots such as between blind slats, our EZE-Clean® Design option makes it even easier. Simply, remove, clean and replace for quick tidying and a fresh-looking home. This feature offers the added elimination of rout holes with the Lafayette exclusive Light -Ban® design option providing even better light stopping. Each slat hangs snugly between the construction cords. Decorative tapes are not available with Light-Ban®.

Light Gap Stop

Eliminate light leaking in from sidelight in inside mounted blinds with rectangular openings. A simple self-adhesive tape attaches to the window frame to block light gaps. A simple upgrade with a lasting impact. Available in black, bronze, grey, vanilla, and white.

Top Treatments

The Heartland Woods® Collection offers five wood valance options to fit your style. All available in matching selection of paint or stain color choices. Or top off your blind treatments with a fabric-wrapped valance from our Interior Masterpiece® collection.

  • Empress
  • Imperial
  • Camelot
  • Majesty
  • Noble Wood

Caring for Wood Blinds

As the Heartland Woods® Collection is crafted with natural wood, there will be slight color differences from sample chip to the finished wood blind and wood blind to wood blind due to inherent variation in wood color, grain, hardness, as well as age and handling. With EZE-Clean® Slats, cleaning is easy; simply lift the slat out of its position, and slide it out. Wipe down with light soap and water and replace it.

Down the Line

When installed in areas with arid climates, high humidity, and other natural conditions, a slight warpage of wood is considered normal. If your room’s environment falls under this category and you’re worried about the long term conditions of your window treatments, but desire the look of wood blinds, a faux wood blind or composite wood blind seen in our Wonderwood® and Fidelis® Blind Collections may be the better option.

What do you think? Are wood blinds right for you? Opting for another treatment choice? Have a question? Share the details of your window treatment stories in the comments or email us at lifblog@lafvb.com. We love to hear from you.

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  1. I work for a window company and I must say that I cant understand customers who cover beautiful wooden windows with plastic blinds. Especially that they have cost similar money as the wooden ones – so the price is not a key factor making that kind of decision.

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